3D Visualizations

3D Interactive Architectural Visualization & Illustration

Building design and construction is a very expensive process. At M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting, we want our clients to have an accurate vision of a home or property before the project gets underway. Interactive 3D visualization solves this challenge by providing sophisticated 3D renderings and interactive virtual tours. This 3D architectural visualization is done by order only and is not provided as a default service.

The designing phase is indeed the most critical part of the construction process. With our experience and knowledge of the latest innovations, we can make the entire process smooth and stress-free for you.

In general, 3D interactive architectural visualization and illustration allows our clients get a clearer representation of the proposed project design so that they can provide feedback. Here are the details of what 3D architectural visualization can do for your next project.

VR platform


M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting’s new VR platform will allow you to experience and interact with your designs in a hyper-realistic, immersive 3D environment using your smartphone, a PC, laptop or VR headset. Here are the features that we offer:

3D Virtual Tours: Residential Renovation Architects interactive 3D tours allow clients to select from pre-made design themes to deliver an enhanced immersive experience. In addition, these tours will help you to visualize how the space will look and feel once finished, including the adjustments to the space to meet your specific personal preferences.

3D Renderings: Our 3D renderings provide photo-quality views of the project. These images can be used to show the exterior of the design, along with landscaping and nearby buildings. Our building designers Melbourne designs these 3D images to be nearly indistinguishable from real photos.


3D Architectural Visualization

Using 3D architectural visualization means that making changes to a proposed design is easier and less expensive than with hand-drawn renderings. In addition, this also ensures that builders avoid expensive mid-project changes. Finally, you’ll have a better idea of the end product, which will help you to better understand all of the components of the design as the project come together.

Given that the architectural visualization industry is expected to continue to grow, architecture, construction, and real estate companies will increasingly use 3D designs to promote their products. At, M.Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting, 3D interactive visualization and illustration are the standards for all of your projects.

In addition, we work in close association with our clients to ensure that the required specifications are met. With our creative solutions, we bring to you plans that are innovative and unique. Partner with us to make your dream architectural plan a reality.

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