Energy Efficient House/Home Design Plans

Building a smart, modern home requires energy efficient house design. Here at M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting, we can coordinate with energy consultants that offer a range of energy efficient recommendations for your project. These energy consultants will help you build a home which will save you thousands in construction and long-term maintenance costs while also delivering comfortable living standards.

Here are reasons why energy efficient homes are the best option when it comes to the design of your future home.

Cost Savings
Energy efficient house design can guarantee you significant savings when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Over time, the cost of maintaining your home at a comfortable temperature can really add up. With these considerations already built into the design of your home, you will save thousands of dollars over time in utility costs.

Improved Comfort
Homes that are specifically designed for the location and the local climate are better able to maintain a comfortable temperature all year long without having to rely on your heating and cooling system.

Better Indoor Air Quality
By specifying low VOC materials during the construction of your home, you can dramatically improve the indoor air quality. In addition, energy efficient homes that make use of natural light and ventilation tend to have better indoor air quality.

Design Modifications Lower Costs
Energy efficient homes don’t only cost less to run because of the materials. The design of the home itself with regards to the placement of the windows, window sizing, thermal mass, and shading also play a role in helping to lower your utility costs.

The Process
When you work with us to design your new energy efficient home, we’ll work with qualified energy experts from start to finish ensuring that all aspects of your home’s design are energy efficient. At M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting, we understand that the design and drafting phase is extremely critical for your project and plays a determining role in shaping the final outcome.

We also know that every project has its sets of limitations. Therefore, it is our endeavour to effectively deal with challenges to craft exciting and unique building design solutions for you. We’ll pay attention to every little detail and carefully analyse the feasibility to provide accurate solutions.

To help you achieve your goals, we’ll work with an energy efficient rating consultant early on to help you determine if your proposed design is on target for meeting energy rating requirements. Based on our building design, the energy consultant will give you a quote for building an energy efficient home. A final energy report will also be provided once it is time for your home to plans to receive certification.

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