Energy Efficiency Reports

Energy Efficiency Reports for Residential and Commercial Projects

M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting can find an energy expert who can assist you with all of your energy rating requirements, including energy efficiency reports for council approval. This energy consultant will help to ensure that your property will save you money while also improving your living or workplace standards.

Here are the FAQs to energy efficiency reports for residential and commercial projects.

When Do You Need an Energy Report?

In VIC, an energy report is required as a part of the application for your Building Licence. The energy report is designed to inform your building surveyor or certifier as to how closely the proposed design and construction documents for your project align with the Building Code of Australia’s Energy Efficiency requirements.

Services Provided by M. Di Cesare
At M. Di Cesare & Co Building Design & Drafting, we will work with an energy consultant who can help you achieve green standards through the review of your preliminary designs. In addition, they can also provide advice on alternative building materials for your project.

Thermal Performance Assessment
The energy consultant will use computer software to generate a thermal performance assessment of your energy efficient home plans or commercial project plans by calculating the amount of heating and cooling required in maintaining the property within a comfortable temperature range. This is done by using computer software, which takes into account variables, such as the proposed location and design, as well as the material selection for your project.

“Deemed to Satisfy” Report
“Deemed to Satisfy” report looks at how well your proposed project complies with Section 3.12.0 of the National Construction Code or BCA. This type of report is helpful for assessing energy efficient home plans that can not be reviewed by using house energy rating software.

The state of VIC requires an energy report in order for you to submit an application for your Building Licence. With the help of a qualified energy consultant, we can simplify the entire process of renovation, remodelling or developing a new architectural structure for you. Whether you need help for architectural plans and permits or require innovative design solutions, these energy consultants can offer the perfect plans, as well as, the energy efficiency reports that you need to obtain your Building Licence.

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