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When comparing building quotes, it is important for you to do your research. While choosing the lowest quote might seem like a good idea for your budget, it is not the best idea when selecting a builder for your project because it does not take into account the good value that a quality builder brings to the table. At M. Di Cesare & Co, we do the building design and pass it on to the builders. The builders then provide building quotes depending on your requirement.

There are many different variables that make up the price in a building quote. For this reason, finding the right builder is likely to be one of the most time-intensive tasks of the building process. All too often the decision to appoint the wrong architect, usually based on price alone, is fraught with danger.

Unlike other purchases, you can not simply get rid of your builder if you are dissatisfied with the process. In addition, if you have received quotes from building quote services that seem particularly cheap, that is a strong indication that your quote does not include everything it should have.

If you need help with interpreting building quotes, here are a few things that will make it easier to compare quotes from building quote services:

1. Details Are Essential
A building quote should be a fairly detailed document. You should be wary if you are looking at a 1 or 2-page quote, especially if many of the inclusions are missing or appear vague.

2. The Quote Should Include All of Your Requests
The quotation should be professionally presented and should include all of your requested inclusions.

3. Check Makes and Models
If the estimate does not discuss specific makes and models for products but simply covers ranges, make sure that you check that these are the items that you actually want or expect.

4. Look for Services and Site Costs
Services and site costs should be included in your quote.

5. Exclusions
Examine the quote for items that the builder has excluded from the price.

On average, most clients will request 3 or 4 quotes. Anything more than this and you will end up making the process overly confusing and time-consuming. That said, if you get fewer than 3 quotes, you may not be getting an accurate price indication for your project.

Although these tips may seem basic, they are often the little things that clients overlook when comparing quotes.

Once you have compared your building quotes, you will then be ready to meet with your shortlisted builders. It is important to get a feel if they are the right fit for your project. When you meet face to face, ask questions about the building process, the builder’s experience, plans and engineering, changes, and payments. It is also a good time to review the builder’s registration and warranty insurance.

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